• Booth Design
  • POS Design
  • Graphic Design
  • 3D Visualization
  • Show Room Design
  • Industrial Design

We specializes in all aspects of the customer’s 3D perspective and products.

This perfect response includes: designing exhibition pavilions, designing points of sale, designing shops and sales stands, designing exhibition halls, graphic design and industrial design.

Putting all the elements into the design allows us to increase the company’s exposure and products in a uniform, accurate and comprehensive manner globally.


  • Project Management
  • Fronting The Organizers
  • Coordinate Exhibition Service Providers
  • Logistic Care
  • Shipment Management
  • Coordinate Content Providers

The success of a project and bringing it to the finish line in the schedule and without budgetary deviations is the characteristic of proper project management.

For this purpose, we build a clear and orderly schedule that ensures total commitment of the designer and customer to the process.

As part of the management of the project, we obtain all necessary approvals from the exhibition management, compliance with local standards and local regulations, coordination between all the bodies involved in the production and implementation of the project, including shipments, logistics and content services, both digital and human.


  • Booth Construction
  • Graphic Production
  • POS Design Production
  • Tailor Made Elements Production

Each project is equipped with a “project portfolio” containing a set of building plans, an electricity plan, a lighting plan, a merger plan, three-dimensional graphics and signage programs.

Implementation meetings, quality inspection, management and control are carried out as the production process progresses.

Material samples, use of advanced and new materials worldwide, and are sent to suppliers around the world and supplied to our offices. All in order to achieve the perfect performance of the design with the first line of technological and industrial innovation.


  • Furniture & Miscellaneous
  • Audio / Video Equipment
  • Light & Electricity
  • Styling

We provide styling services, lighting fixtures and systems, music editing, films and presentations, computerized computer display systems, and unique furniture items, all provided by the company in order to add value to the company’s messages.